On page 13 one can read an alarming statement, “abortion is the number one cause of death in the world.” Churches are full of people who will rally around NFL, NBA, and MLB teams. Since I am writing this review in March I am fully aware of the passion that others express as they support their favorite college basketball team. A book such as this can revert our attention to what is truly important. What is important to me, to you? Is the sanctity of life important? Jesus thinks so. (John 10.10b) Can we (shouldn’t we) agree with Jesus that human life (all stages) is important and worth giving our all? In this book you will read personal testimonies from professional people who have given up a better quality of life to ensure that others may (will) be able to experience life.

Dave transparently writes about a time when he was not involved. He elaborates on his own negligence, helplessness, the weight of¬†abortion and even anger towards one who chose abortion. I believe it is important to understand this about the author because it reveals his humanity and inadequacy. Dave holds a couple of graduate degrees; it is very easy to get wrapped up in academics. We know that “knowledge puffeth up.” Not the case with Dave Sterrett, we can see his humility and charity (“but charity edifieth”) as we read about his desire to be involved by reaching out to ask others for help and guidance. He was not quite sure how to become involved. (7) By the end of the introduction one will have read about Dave’s journey and growth.

If you take the time to read this book you will learn about many different people, with many different personalities, and pain. You will read about confused employees of planned parenthood. There are personal testimonies of those have come to know life despite incest and rape. Adults who have been suffering for years will testify to their own decisions to abort. But the book is not about the pain and suffering, the personal testimonies testify to the love and grace of God. In John 17.17, Jesus identifies that sanctification of believers happens consequently as one reads and understands truth. I do not intend to minimize this reality. In this book you can recognize your potential influence on others, as well as the influence of others on your own life (Based upon the testimonies of the people found within this book). Almost every personal testimony involved help from others (who receive help from the Lord). Lives our saved due to the intervention of people who understand the sanctity of life. The purpose of the book (I believe) is to inspire readers to become involved in the very important RESPONSIBILITY of speaking out for and saving the lives of the unborn. There are pregnancy resource centers in almost every city.

Personal testimonies have a tendency to grab hold of even the hardest of hearts. Once we realize that real people are hurting, people like you and I, people such as our siblings, parents and grandparents, only then will we be moved to charity. We are called to share the gospel, and live the gospel (love, sacrifice, giving, and forgiveness). I am indebted to the courageous people who have shared their stories. If you read the book (I hope you do.), grab a box of tissue; you will be moved to tears.

I am grateful for the free copy of this book, in exchange I have provided and honest review.. I offer up my gratitude to God; He alone works in the hearts of men. I am thankful that he still saves and that He continues to work in the lives of humanity. He has transformed weakness into strength; He has replaced fear with courage, and turned sorrow into joy. Glory to God!