Transferred from my original blog and published by me 2/5/15, Mark Evans

I have never really been concerned about different denominations; nor have I thought a great deal about the differences. All that really mattered to me was that I was right, and all others were wrong. I preached from my platform of pride. I had never really tried to understand. And then, I started studying theology.

How could I think any differently? For years I was taught that my particular shade of denomination was superior to all others. God was more pleased with us for not compromising; we set the almighty standard. It felt good to be the best, and the most spiritual. And then, I started thinking about Jesus.

I now realize that no theology is perfect. Though imperfect, it remains important for  believers to study and develop their theology. It is possible to learn from others, even if they do not think exactly like me (you). I have learned to appreciate and understand what others say and believe. I do not want to cast unwarranted judgment upon anyone. My prayer is that the Spirit can still teach this broken, now unmasked theologian. I no longer want to hide behind what others think I should believe. And now, I have started thinking with others.