Based upon my last post, contrast truth with people. Truth cannot feel, suffer, hurt, feel pain or joy, and cannot reciprocate love. We are not commanded to love truth. Truth is unaffected by our devotion to it. Sometimes our devotion to truth has more to do with our idolatrous need to be right and has less  to do with our allegiance to Christ. Sometimes allegiance to truth is a facade for our selfish need to be right, the smartest, and the most spiritual, a clear violation of Philippians 2.1-8

People have feelings, people suffer, feel pain, feel joy, feel sorrow, and have the capacity to reciprocate love. We are commanded to love people (Matthew 22.39, Mark 12.31, Luke 10.27). People feel valued when they are loved and treated with respect. People have the capacity to reciprocate love. People enjoy and embrace fellowship and affection. When people feel loved they will respond to truth, even criticism. If a person does not feel loved, you can be certain they will not respond well, especially to criticism.