There are times in our life when we become exhausted. Things don’t always turn out as we hope they would. We face times of disappointment and adversity; we can feel abandoned and unloved. Times like this we feel bombarded and even our Bible study can seem dull and dry. Going to church can become a chore and we just go through the motions, trying to survive. Have you ever been there, are you there now?

I have discovered that the best way to deal with these trying times is to prepare for them. I am going to share with you how I prepare. Is there a particular passage of Scripture that is meaningful to you? If you answered yes, memorize the passage (verse/paragraph).  And don’t say that you cannot memorize Scripture. People can, and will memorize what is important to them. If your answer is no, over the next few days I will share with you some of mine. What is meaningful to me is always changing. I have found that as I continue to study, the more I have to be encouraged about. If you like, begin to look for a verse, paragraph, or principle of Scripture that is personally meaningful. Meditate upon what you choose, all day, everyday, and ask God for that principle to become imbedded in your heart and mind. Live within the reality of what the Holy Spirit teaches you as you meditate upon God’s Word.

Here are some passages that identify the importance of meditation on God’s Word.