Originally posted on my blog unmaskedtheologian.wordpress.com 2/24/15

So often we find ourselves in the middle of conflict with others. How we respond to personal conflict is indicative of our pride. How we respond when we are being accused of wrong is a good gauge for the measurement of our pride. Do we seek to defend ourselves, or are we willing to listen to criticism and open to necessary potential changes. I don’t enjoy criticism, no one does, but I do enjoy growing. We must learn from our mistakes, from our failures, (sin) and from personal conflict issues.

When we approach others about a problem do we see them as the problem? Problems and personal conflict will arise. Problems need to be taken care of. However, in conflict we should never view people as the problem. We should work together as partners to attack the problem, and overcome. I think it is clear how people will respond when we approach them as if they are the PROBLEM. If we love truth more than people we will see people as the problem. I have heard many times, “ministry would be great if it wasn’t for the people.” The last statement is a prime example of looking at people and recognizing them as the problem. How can a problem be solved if we view each other as the problem? It cannot, and bitterness may be the result. We cannot fix people and we shouldn’t want to, but we can fix problems. We can always improve the way we communicate, care for, and love other people. Colossians 4.6 God can fix people, let’s leave that work to Him.

When we offend each other we offend God. Remember we are created in God’s image and we are immeasurably valuable to Him. When Paul met the Lord, the Lord did not say, Paul why do you persecute my people? The Lord said why persecutest thou me. We are in Christ, a part of the body of Christ, and the Spirit of Christ indwells us. It would be excellent for us to remember these truths as we communicate with others. We need to abide in Him, otherwise we cannot be successful in our relationships.