Originally posted on my blog unmaskedtheologian.wordpress.com 2/23/15

Everyone wears a mask, including myself. No one is who they seem to be. Our unwillingness to share our needs, anxieties, doubts, insecurities, and fears with others inhibits our potential Christ-likeness. We pretend that God does not see our failures as we try to conceal our doubts and sin. Let’s be real, do you and I really believe everything we claim to believe, or do you have doubts? It is our pride that keeps us from exposing our true self to others. It is our pride that prevents us from confessing our sin to one another? Questions can be good for us. Asking each other questions can help us to refine our understanding and theology.

What others think of us predominates much of our thought life. I dare say many of us dress a certain way, look a certain way, and talk a certain way in order to fit in. We act this way to impress people without giving little thought about whether or not we are pleasing God. Are you afraid of not fitting in? Sunday is the biggest day for mask wearers, and most of us can put on a pretty good show, with a pretty nice smile. We smile at people and greet people who on any other day we never think about, pray for, and probably don’t love. Be honest with yourself as I try to be honest about myself.

I propose another thought for us to meditate on. Do we have high expectations for other people, possibly higher than what we expect for ourselves. Are you and I approachable? Can people come to us without a mask, without hesitation, or would they expect judgment? Does our character and attitude prevent people from opening up? Are we guilty of judging others, or judging the motives of others? Relationships are risky, are you worth the risk, am I?