Posted on my original blog  3/19/15, modified 5/6/16

Killing Christians, written by Tom Doyle, has made quite an impression upon me. The book contains eight chapters, and each chapter tells the story of different Muslims who have converted to Christianity. I have concluded that my faith is pathetic compared to the men and women who are represented in this book. My love for God, and others, seems altogether insignificant. In my selfishness and pride I have become angry and bitter towards those who speak to me or speak of me, sharply. I get frustrated and have great difficulty forgiving those who have hurt me. The men and women whose stories are recorded in this book face much worse.

While I was on Christmas break this past year I asked God to let me see through His eyes. I wanted to be able to see the heartbreak and sadness of the world around me. I asked for this because I want to have the heart of Christ. Most of the time we cannot see past ourselves, past our own pain. I know that I cannot change myself, but I want the Spirit to change me. Whether or not God answered my prayer by making me aware of this book, I do not know. One thing I am certain of,  I can never look at my own life, others, and Christianity in the same way. In the pages of this book I have come face to face with current martyrs, and I have wept for them, and because of them.

While we are trying to figure out what restaurant we want to eat at, and while we are trying on our designer clothes, and while we are putting together our fantasy football league, and while we are trying to figure out which class to take next, or college to go to, or boy/girl to date, or what kind of ice-cream we want, or candy, or car, or home, or video game, or movie to watch, or what friend to hang out with, or what vacation we will take… there are others who wake up every day with the reality that it might be their last. They don’t have the option to spend time on such privileged ideas and things. One commonality that I can recognize is that they exemplify the love and humility of Christ. They all testify to the reality that they will probably die for Christ, and they consider it an honor.

In this book you will read about a Christian who smuggles himself and Bibles under a corpse. You will read about young men and couples who are brutally killed for their faith. You will read about a mother and her children who nearly starve until they meet a Christian, and ultimately Christ. You will read about families that are torn apart, but you will also read about couples, sons, wives, and children that are made whole through Christ. You will read about a college professor who taught sharia to women; she became a Christian. You will read about a rebellious young Muslim lady who looked for pleasure in carnality. The same young lady found fulfillment in Christ, and was beaten to death (by her uncle) for her faith. You will read about life, and death. You will read about hatred, war, terrorism, love, joyful saints, and forgiveness. You will read about Christ. Forget all the anti-Islam propaganda. Don’t be afraid of the future, and what you read on Facebook about Islam. I am hopeful as I read about many Muslims who are converting to Christianity. I am excited about this truth, and I hope you consider reading this book.

I don’t value a book, or review a book, based upon how it has entertained me. Frankly, I don’t read for entertainment. I read so that I may learn and grow. This book has opened my eyes to a few things. In each testimony Christ revealed himself to a Muslim through dreams, and as a result they turned to Christ. Muslims need Christ. Clearly, He thinks so.

For nearly a year, I have been thinking about other religions, specifically Islam. I have thought about how to approach others with the intent of sharing Christ. Today, I visited a Mosque (the people were very kind). I did this to fulfill a class assignment. As I listened to the prayers, I made my own requests. I prayed that God would reveal Christ, in the same way, that he has with so many others. I want to encourage every reader to be courageous. If you believe that Jesus is the Son of God, and that His sacrifice gave you life, share it with others.