I started out right.

Growing up we did not have a television, vcr, or atari. I never really enjoyed playing outside, I still don’t. At a young age I started building a library. First, it was Encyclopedia Brown, I loved mysteries. After a while I started to collect the Hardy Boys series. My sister collected the Nancy Drew series. I borrowed her books regularly. As a pre-teen I became enamored with Louis Lamour. In fact, I had almost every book written by Lamour. I read my books (and my sisters) over and over again. I loved reading.

And then… we got a television, a vcr, and a nintendo. The reading stopped. Over the course of (nearly) fifteen years the only book that I read (beginning to end) was Starship Troopers by Robert Heinlein. I watched endless hours of television and movies. I became fascinated with the big screen and no longer enjoyed reading. It is not that I didn’t try, I did. But compared to movies books became dull and required too much effort. Now I am of the opinion that television, movies, and gaming has had a negative effect on our society and (especially) on our children.

When I started back to school, (I was nearly thirty) I had to read. At first, all the reading was a burden, and the writing, I hated it. I am glad to say, once more, I have become passionate about reading. I have learned to love reading, again.

I don’t want to be remembered as a couch potato.read-139362_1920