With My Pride

Have you ever noticed that there are more people who give advice, than take advice?

Have you ever noticed that there are more people who want to be a team leader, rather than a team player?

Have you ever noticed that there seems to be more problems than problem solvers?

There are always those who consistently remind us of our failures, shortcomings, and inability to be as good as the guy/gal before us.

Musings of a man battling pride.

Can You Relate?

In my previous post, I wrote a review of the book Life in Community, by Dustin Willis. It was an excellent book, and I am certain that the review was not compelling enough. But, I want to discuss one chapter that I found to be very helpful. In the chapter, titled Glued to the Good, Dustin writes about the importance of encouragement. He uses Romans 12.9 as a foundation for the chapter,  hold fast to what is good… cling to what is good. In this case, encouragement, he writes, “the church should be the most encouraging group of people around.” (p. 104)

The questions that I posted at the beginning of the blog, am I, are you guilty? Of course we are, but we are also recipients. And, I think everyone can agree with me, no one likes to be judged, blamed, or compared to other people. Encouragement is better. I don’t want to fill the shoes of my predecessor. I want to fill my shoes, be who I am, and exercise the gifts that God gave ME. Why are we so afraid of making mistakes, or not measuring up? I do realize that our pride can cause us to think things that are not true, be a cynic, and have a rotten attitude. Can it also be possible, that we are not good at encouraging others, or encouraging properly?

In his book, Dustin tells a story about a time, when he was told, “I see God working in you.” Do we pay attention to what God is doing in the lives of other people? Or, do we only see the worst in people? Do we take the time to look and see what God is doing, do we even care? I am challenged to be better at encouraging others, and more specifically to see what God is doing, are you?