Handfuls of Seed

Updated: 7/30/16

The Lord is my shepherd  Psalm 23.1a  

It is important for us to remember that Psalms are poetical and they are written for the purpose of praising the Lord/God. It would not be appropriate for us to use Psalms as proof texts for doctrine, but they do validate truth found elsewhere. They were used for the purpose of worship and many of them testify to the goodness and faithfulness of God, real life illustrations and observations of God’s people.

David makes several points in the first verse of his shepherd Psalm. Remember that he is writing this psalm as an experienced shepherd and he is fully aware of what his words implicate, which are as follows. Firstly, he identifies the Lord as his shepherd. Why is this important? He recognizes his insufficiency, his need. Without the protection and guidance of the Lord he is hopelessly vulnerable and…

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