What’s Missing?

Today I picked up a copy of the Jax4Kids newspaper (for the first time). As I perused through the paper I realized that it is a pretty good resource. I was about to put it away when I noticed that there was a reading list on page nine. The list, a new Library of Congress exhibit, America Reads, I checked it out. I propose that most of America watches television, but that is beside the point. I suppose the purpose of the exhibit is to share what books have helped to shape America, or “had a profound effect on American life.” (p. 9, Jacx4Kids August/September 2016).

I can’t believe, or maybe I can, that in a list of sixty-five books that “had a profound effect on America,” the Bible was not included. The Book of Mormon made the list. And many others made the list. Most of the books on the list I have not read. I wonder what that says about me. So, I think. What does my reading list say about me? What does your reading list say about you? Mark reads.