It has been nearly twenty years since I have read a fictional book. I decided that perhaps it was time to read one. So I googled best Christian fiction, which is what I normally do when looking for new books. I wasn’t really interested in any of the books on the list, but Wayback sounded interesting. I checked the price on Amazon and it only cost a penny. I bought Wayback for one cent.

Apparently the Nazi’s had developed a time traveling machine, possibly for the purpose of going back in time to kill Isaac in order to end the Jewish race before it started. They didn’t quite master the technology. The time traveling device was later discovered and put into use by the Two Roads Corporation. Two Roads Corporation had some problems as they tried to use the device. After a series of disintegrated subjects and objects the corporation realized that perhaps the earth was younger than most people think.

Hence a new idea, they decided to go back in time to 2300 B.C. pre flood. A team was developed; the team consisted of a wealthy adventurer, a creation scientist, a historian, a skeptic, revolutionary paleontologist/geologist, and some soldiers for security. They successfully go back in time where they find the garden of eden, the tomb of the first family, an ancient city and civilization, and lastly the great ark.

Well, in the course of their time traveling adventure everyone runs into trouble. The team flees from dinosaurs and ancient giants. An Islamic terrorist breaks into the Two Roads Corporation and uses the device to travel back to 1967, his goal, turn the tide of the six day war so that Israel does not win. There was one event which I did not care for. While running away from the allosaurus, one of the soldiers stepped into the garden of eden. And when he did, an angel sliced him in half with a flaming sword. I don’t know why Sam couldn’t have had the allosaurus sliced in half. I was disappointed to see such a lack of mercy. The soldier unwittingly and innocently stepped in the garden. The time travelers almost drowned in the great flood. But everything worked out in the end. Even the evolutionist cried out to God for salvation, of course, he was about to be killed.

This book was written within the context of a young earth, six day creation, and global flood. If you do not believe in a young earth, the literal account of six creation days, and a literal global flood, you may not like this book. The story line was interesting, but I was not on the edge of my seat. I read the book (315 pages) in two settings because I wanted to finish it (my first fiction book in nearly 20 years). I did enjoy it, I just feel sorry for the guy who got sliced in half. While writing this review I had to pause. My wife wanted me to go the store for bread. I did not want to go. But I am glad that I did. I saw the most beautiful rainbow that I have ever seen. Ironically, I had the privilege of seeing this beautiful rainbow while writing a review of a fictional book with the premise of a global flood.