Chronicles of Adonai tells the story of a post apocalyptic dystopian society. The leaders of the society, known as the adon (singular) and adonai (plural), have removed the concept of God. No books contain information about God, and the concept of God must never be spoken. The constitution of the colony is simple, freedom to think-freedom to live, hope to seek, hope to give. I cannot give to many details otherwise I would compromise the twists and turns of the story.

Justin, the hero in the story is the son of the highest ranking adon, Malory Lyn. Justin belongs to the elite team of apologia. The apologia protect the colony from anything or anyone dangerous. Each of the members are trained in martial arts, and they are skilled in investigation. Cleverly, Braxton used terms commonly known to Christianity, adon (Heb…singular form of adonai used for an individual leader, adonai (the plural form used by the Hebrews as a name for God), and apologia (Gk….meaning to defend).

Within the story Braxton includes the cosmological argument (cause and effect), the teleological argument (design argument), and the moral argument (absolute right and wrong, good and bad). He also gives a clear explanation of the Gospel and repentance. There are some characters who respond to the Gospel. He also emphasizes the clearness of general revelation (Romans 1.20) Early on in the book one of the characters examines the purpose of all that exists.

I read the book in two sittings. I could have easily read the book in one sitting, but I was involved in something that demanded my attention. I was fully engaged, the book was interesting, and there are many exciting twists and turns within the story. There is so much more, but I cannot elaborate or I would spoil your experience (assuming you decide to read the book). The book concludes well, but there will be a sequel to the story.

Great price for the Kindle version, 3.99!