About the author: Mike Gaylor is the Senior Pastor of The Church at Sun Coast in Jacksonville, Florida. He is also the President and Founder of Green Life Now Ministries, which offers seminars on the topics of marriage, parenting and Christian growth. Mike and his wife Karen have been married 35 years and live in Callahan, Florida. They have two children and four grandchildren. (Copied from Westbow press)



The Well is an allegorical story, creatively written with the intention of teaching biblical grace. Grace, the most beautiful of all biblical truths is often misunderstood. Mike writes in a way that helps the reader to understand this truth, meanwhile the reader enjoys the entertainment of a great story. Mike is a story teller, every few chapters he explains the spiritual allegory of the story. Which is great, I loved it. In the bibliography the reader can discover the many Bible verses that Mike uses to teach biblical grace.

The hero in the story is Marnin, you may have guessed, the hero is Jesus Christ. Remember the book is written to explain biblical grace. Bisbee is the traveller, a man on a journey. In the town of Harness, he and his family have dealt with destructive beasts long enough, he is tired of the darkness. With the help of some anonymous letters he learns about “the well of Chaya that had been discovered in the land of Charis.” After much doubting and hesitation he seeks a better future.  Upon descent from the Ascending Hill, his journey becomes interesting and dangerous as he meets talking animals (his guides), and faces mysterious beasts. As he learns from the Master (Marnin), Bisbee learns more about grace. Bisbee has much to learn before he can look into the well and become a permanent member of Charis (Gk-grace, kindness). The book describes (in detail) his doubt, selfishness, pride, and frustration, the characteristics that he has to face before he can embrace the truth.

The Well reminds me of two great classics, “The Pilgrims Progress,” and the “Chronicles of Narnia.”  The Well is what happens when a great story teller combines both concepts and teaches about grace. If you feel lacking, if your faith is weak and lethargic, if you have started to doubt the goodness and grace of Jesus, take an afternoon or a weekend, make a pot of coffee, and read this book. I suppose that there will be a sequel, and I am looking forward to it.