A friend loveth at all times Proverbs 17.17a

Early this morning I was perusing Facebook. I couldn’t help but be a little disappointed and sad as I thought about all of the friends that I used to know and hang out with. I wonder who you are now, what you are like. My memory fails me, I cannot remember everything about you. Some people I have forgotten altogether and can vaguely remember a name. I suppose there are those who have forgotten me. So is life, times change, and people change. Over the past week I have seen several people pass away. As I result I have been thinking about how people would remember me. I know men who spend a lot of time thinking about their legacy. I don’t think about such things very often. But since I am writing about it, there are a few things that I would like to be remembered for, my love for Jesus, my family, and my friends. Thats about it really, I don’t know that I will be remembered in this way, but I hope.

I have never really fit in anywhere, which helps me (in a small way) to fit in everywhere. I can carry on a conversation with strangers. And, well, some of you may be strangers. It has been over twenty years since I have talked with some of you. We have changed, probably. Maybe slight changes, maybe major, life changes people. Over time we have separated. Our worldview may be slightly different, maybe more different than alike. One thing that remains the same, you are still my friends.

I will never forget the JCHS cafeteria, mat room, wrestling tournaments, hanging out on the church porch, fishing, skating, sharing music, listening to compilations, Muddy Creek Market, Kool-aid, dorm 210, and Lodge nachos. Now we have Facebook, a poor replacement for friendship. There is a good chance that we may never have another opportunity to hang out or catch up. But this one thing I want you to know. I love each of you and I will pray for you every time I think of you.