About the author: Jorey Hurley studied art at Princeton, design at FIT, and law at Stanford. Today she is a freelance illustrator, graphic designer, and the author of three children’s books, Nest, Fetch, and Hop, which have been praised by the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Apartment Therapy, and others. She lives in San Francisco with her husband, two young daughters, and dog. Visit her at joreyhurley.com to see more art and to purchase prints.


During a lull in her career and after a friend advised Jorey to write and draw every day, Jorey developed a daily drawing habit. Despite her success she continues to draw everyday. Which has ultimately led to the creation of this journal. Jorey writes, “I realized eventually that my love of this ritual-and it has indeed become a ritual-isn’t actually about the drawing. It’s about the noticing and the celebrating. I now go through my day collecting little moments and tucking them away for later… any given point in a completely uneventful, ordinary day might yield some little beauty, so long as I have the wherewithal to notice it and take the time to realize what’s great about it.” (Introduction)

I love what she says here, we do need to stop and take notice of the beautiful things. The journal is unique because every page opens with a writing prompt. There are so many possibilities for this journal. Ironically the first prompt, something full of possibilities, can refer directly to the journal. Whether or not Jorey purposely wrote this prompt first, I know not. Without knowing for sure, I think she did. And if she did, she is quite clever.

The journal is much larger than other journals, there is plenty of room to record your best work. There are no lines on the page, but each page includes a drawing and a prompt. The journal cover is not hardcover or softcover, but in between. Whatever the material, it has a great feel to it and almost feels like fine suede. If you look at the image of the journal you can recognize the orange peel. The surface of the orange peel actually feels like an orange peel. The cover is great, I love it.

As written before each page includes a writing prompt and a drawing. For example, one prompt, “something on your street” includes a drawing of a USPS mail drop. Another “a gadget that you love” includes an image of a toaster. I really appreciate the art, it adds to the fun concept that I believe the author is trying to encourage, the concept of noticing every beautiful thing, even the unlikely. I didn’t really care for the prompt, “favorite cussword,” for obvious reasons. The journal could be used to record daily writing. It could also be used as s sketch book. For those of you who like to scrapbook, I believe that this book could perfectly meet your needs. Whatever art that you engage in, each day offers a new prompt with a new opportunity for you to create.

Amazon offers this journal to the prime customer for 16.99. For a journal this size 16.99 is a great price. And there is much more to this journal than space to write on. Remember, this journal is full of possibilities.

Extraordinary Ordinary Moments, a journal by Jorey Hurley

In exchange for an honest review, Blogging for Books had provided me with a complimentary copy of this journal. I have written an honest review.