The Impressionist

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Great Quotes:

“Some of the best things in life are unplanned.” p. 35

“When I’m exercising my gift, I’m filled with peace. You know that feeling you get when you’re  doing something and while you’re doing it calmness just takes you over, like you’re feeling God’s pleasure?” p. 36

“God gave you emotions for a reason. Sometimes you got to get scared or angry enough to fight. Filling your life with substitutes just anesthetizes the hole inside you. It’s the enemy’s way of keeping you disengaged and keeping you from fighting for what’s important.” p. 42

“People paint all kind of portraits… their life is a canvas and they are a brush… They leave an impression on everything they do or come in contact with. And one day, when there stretched out in their coffin, there’ll be a portrait of their life that somebody’s going to be looking over. What kind of portrait is your life painting?” p. 44

“You can’t thrive in life while blaming all your problems on others. You’ll always wind up a victim.” p. 53

“We have to always be alert because God sends significant people into our lives at critical moments.” p. 53

“When we begin to see ourselves the way God sees  us, something miraculous begins to happen. We start seeing others the way God sees them and loving them the way God loves us. When that happens, people start seeing us differently.” p. 57

“If you took the word wretch out of this song (Amazing Grace) it’d change the whole meaning.” p.58

“We’re as sick as our secrets. You know… those things that are secretly tormenting you.” p. 81

“See God as your source for everything… Feeding in His word and fellowship with Him becomes not just a religious duty or discipline. It becomes you lifeline, your very food for survival. He’s your source for the breath of life when you get out of the bed in the morning. He’s the source for your righteousness and your growth. He’s your source for provision, both materially and emotionally. Bottom line is you can’t do life without Him. He’s your only hope.” p. 94

About the book: The book begins with Adam and Paige fighting. After a few cruel comments and angry words Paige decided that she was ready to end their marriage. As if that was not enough Adam soon realized that his son was using drugs again. It was more than he could handle.

In order to avoid more trouble Adam walked a few blocks to the local park; he needed to cool off. It was at the park where he met James Edward Porter, better known as Jim Ed. Jim asked Adam if he could paint his portrait. At first Adam was skeptical, and even a little irritated, but something about Jim led him to agree.

It was not long before Adam and Jim were talking like old friends. Jim was sharing a lifetime of lessons with Adam; Jim was counseling Adam. After time Adam begin to soften up and he looked internally at his own faults. Impressionist tells the story of Jim Ed, and Jim Ed’s story helped Adam to realize that he needed to improve his own story. After Jim Ed finished Adam’s portrait they had become good friends.

It was not long before Adam was seeking reconciliation in his relationships. 

With only 160 pages I read the Impressionist in one sitting. The book ended abruptly and one relationship was left unresolved. There is potential for a sequel, but the book was written in 2014, so maybe not. Only the author knows. I would like to read a sequel.