Video introduction, by the author, Doreen Cronin

I picked this book up from the Salvation Army for .99; I was satisfied because The Trouble With Chickens had been sitting in my Amazon cart (saved for later) for some time. Amazon reviewers seemed please with the book, so I wanted to check it out.


“Nicknames are only cute when your mother knows where you are.” p. 13

“Life is strange, mister” p. 50

“You should read more.” p. 85

“Maybe if you read a book, you would know… ” p. 86

” All this for a book? I asked. Its a really good book, she whispered.” p. 96

“We came for the TV, we stayed for the books.” p. 111

The Trouble With Chickens is a great little mystery, 119 pages in length. J.J. Tully used to be a rescue dog, now he is trying to enjoy his retirement. Unfortunately, his solitude has been  interrupted by a momma chicken and her two chicks. Minus two chicks, Moosh (momma chicken) has hired J.J. to solve their mysterious disappearance. J.J. hesitatingly agrees to take the case, it will cost the chicken family one cheeseburger. Things aren’t what they seem, read the story!