Excellent thoughts for this morning, daily I need this truth to resonate with me.

With Daddy God


In my previous blog titled Where is God? we saw where the Triune God lives. In this blog I want to talk more about this and share about where our(humanity) point of existence lies and from where our life source springs forth. I pray that your heart is open to the Holy Spirit while He walks you into the truth.

Let us see an example that we all see on our day to day lives to understand what I am trying to say. When you look at the trees they are planted in the soil, when you see the birds they are in the air/sky, when you see the fish they’re in the water; it is because every creature is rooted, dwells and starts their life in their respective source. Read Genesis 1:20-26where the account of creation is documented.

When God created the trees and animals He spoke to the…

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