When I first discovered that I could get free books by blogging I was excited. I don’t watch or participate in sports. I don’t hunt, fish, ride ATV’s, or go to the beach. My only hobby is reading and writing. And such a hobby took time to cultivate, I haven’t always loved reading and writing. Which is why I encourage my students and everyone else to read and write. Even if you don’t want to, read anyway. Over time you will begin to enjoy reading, hopefully. It worked for me. Honestly, the reason I started my blog was so I could get free books. I was even an Amazon affiliate for one night. During the night I was convicted about the purpose of my blog. The next morning I canceled my affiliation. Originally I was hoping that the blog would produce some monetary blessing.

After a couple of months I examined my purpose, people started following me. Not many, but people I didn’t know, strangers followed me. As I thought about the purpose of my blog I became fully aware that real people follow me, not a tag, a clever title, or a name, but real people. People with feelings,  goals, hopes, dreams, pain, sickness, and disappointments read my blog. In the beginning I was only thinking of myself. Over time my purpose has changed, I want to be an encouragement, a blessing to others. Which is one reason I will never tolerate arguing on this blog. I will always try to avoid confrontational topics. And I also fear the possibility of writing something inconsistent with Scripture. As I have written elsewhere, there are times that I doubt my interpretation and understanding  of Scripture. Don’t ever take my word for it, compare what I have written with Scripture, always search for yourselves.

Top Five Mistakes

  1. Seeking my own glory and blessing
  2. Reading too many blogs about writing a successful blog (one that makes money)
  3. Addiction to statistics
  4. Not praying over my blog, over every post
  5. Accepting too many books for review

Making confessions clears the air. Every day is a new day, we are always presented with fresh opportunities. The temptation and desire for acceptance, approval, to be somebody, and more (fill in the blank) will always exist. I do spend a lot of time and effort reading, studying, and writing on this blog. And there are times I ask myself, is it worth it? What am I getting out of this? Without fail, shortly after such a temptation, someone will encourage me to continue.

Book Review Mistakes

I am not writing an exhaustive list, perhaps someone will be helped by what I write.

  1. Accepting too many books for review.
  2. Accepting books that I am not interested in.
  3. I underline and make brief notes. But I have learned the value of writing a brief summary at the end of each chapter. Certain books I have laid aside for a few days (or longer), my memory is not that good.
  4. Not keeping records, I have forgotten the source of several books.
  5. Not prioritizing, reviewing books other than the ones I have been given to review.