Sunday afternoon I was working in my classroom and neglected to consider the possibility that someone would set the alarm and lock the school. As a church family we ate lunch in the school cafeteria. I took the opportunity to work in my classroom. I was nearly done with my work when it first occurred to me that I didn’t tell anyone about my extended presence at the school.

Sure enough, I was halfway down the hall when the alarm began to sound. I ran downstairs to punch in the alarm code when I realized that I did not have my keys. I was locked in the school. I called as many people as I could; no one answered. I was stuck. Fortunately there were some people playing volleyball in the gym. I planned on placing a chair near the door where I could grade exams and look out for anyone who might pass by and help me. I didn’t have to wait long, before I even pulled out a chair I saw two young ladies pass by the door. I ran down the hall and banged on the door; they heard me. I was unprepared for their sense of humor. They laughed, took my picture, and then went for help. And of course they posted my picture on Facebook. So I wanted to take this opportunity to hail the heroic rescuers who broke me out of the school. Hail Savanna and Haley!

If you are reading this blog you have already seen the historic photo of my brief imprisonment. I wish that I had just one of the crazy selfies that these young ladies left on my phone. During summer day camp, nearly every time I left my phone out to charge Haley and Savanna decided to fill up my phone with crazy selfies. I deleted them much too early, now I cannot retaliate (for fun of course!)

I didn’t mind my brief lock up. After all I was locked away in an academic institution; I cannot think of a better place to be locked up. It was much better than being stuck in a  van for three hours. Last Friday I was stuck in a van where I was forced to listen to Disney music. I chaperoned ten teenagers as we traveled to Orlando for a visit to Disney’s Animal Kingdom. You know its bad when you are relieved to hear Julie Andrew’s voice (Sound of Music). I was determined to avoid Disney princess songs on the way home, but I was informed that on a Disney trip we listen to Disney songs. I didn’t know the rules. Next time I will bring along the Star Wars soundtrack.