Molly looked on Daniel’s face as he slept. She purred. She wondered to herself if Daniel realized how much he needed her. Molly watched over Daniel every night, and she made him think that he watched over her during the day. She knew better.

The darkness was Molly’s favorite time, she loved the night. Cats are nocturnal after all, and during the night she didn’t have to worry about the family trying to pick her up and interrupt her important naps. The solitude gave her time to think about how much the family needed her. Such thoughts made Molly feel good.

Every morning Daniel would feed Molly. How ludicrous, thought Molly, don’t they know that cat’s are predators? Cats don’t need to be cared for, silly family. She preferred chasing the mice under the house. But she knew that the family needed her. They were so disappointed when she didn’t come eat her food. Despite the awful crunchy texture she ate her food; eating the food seemed to please the family. Molly fidgeted as she thought about the sacrifices that she made for the family. Unlike cats, the family is so needy, fickle, and fragile. She felt sorry for the family. Molly closed her eyes and purred a little louder as she congratulated herself on how well she cared for the family.

Molly was awakened when Daniel called her name. Molly stood up and meowed, “I am here what do you need?” She frowned as as she thought about the disadvantages of the family. They couldn’t communicate as well as a cat, poor family. She really could help them, how tremendous it would be if they could meow like a cat. They really can’t do without me, she thought. Daniel needed attention, so she ran to him. As Molly rubbed up against Daniel’s legs she remembered that just a few nights before she tried to stay out a little longer. She needed some alone time. The family would not permit her lengthy absence. They called her name over and over again, when that didn’t work they shook the bag of horrendous crunch that they called food. She knew how much they loved to feed her, and she begin to feel terrible about leaving them alone for such a long time. With a cat sigh she returned home.

Walking between and around Daniel’s legs Molly purred loudly. The family liked it when she purred, so she purred as often as she could. They needed her to purr, it seemed to calm them. Petting her fur also seemed to calm the family. So she permitted the family to pet her fur, although the whole ritual seemed strange to her. Most days were the same. The family would get out of their beds and put on their fur. Soon after they would leave, Molly never knew where they went. She didn’t worry much; she enjoyed the solitude. They would soon return and they always needed her when they returned, it was obvious. Like a good cat Molly would rub against them, purr loudly, and allow them to pet her fur. Alone at last, Molly dozed off, but not before she thought a great deal about how much the family needed her.