About the author: Tim Tebow

About the Book: Shaken

When I first discovered that this book was available for review I was skeptical. I am not a football fan. In fact, I don’t like tackle football at all. I am one of the few people who believe that the sport of football should be reconsidered due to the intrinsic violence of the sport. But I decided to review the book because Tim has always demonstrated character and faithfulness. And because a friend of mine wanted to read the book.

In the book Tim writes about the disappointment that he experienced when he was let go from several different football teams. He wrote honestly about his difficulty to trust God, despite what he tweeted or wrote. Please don’t misunderstand what I write, he continued to trust in God, but it wasn’t easy for him. Tim loves football and his whole life he has wanted to be a professional quarterback.

Tim writes this book to encourage others who are facing difficulties in their life. He is a little redundant as he suggests on several occasions, I don’t know what you are facing. The truth is, in many ways he does not. Throughout the book Tim makes similar comments to the one written above. But Tim also writes about meeting celebrities, famous musicians, and obviously athletes. At times it seems that Tim neglects to realize who his audience is. Many of us will never have wealth, fame, or opportunities to minister in other parts of the world. It was hard for me to empathize with Tim, specifically that he couldn’t play football. I can appreciate the sad reality that he lost the opportunity to play the game that he loved, but how many people never get that chance? I looked it up, only 6.5% of high school students play college ball, and only 1.6% of those get drafted. Very few people get to live their dream. And let’s face it, being let go from the NFL just doesn’t compare to not having money for college, losing your job, your wife, the death of a child, losing your house, or religious persecution. I drudged though the football stories, but I really enjoyed reading about Tim’s ministry and about the people who he has met through his ministry.  In case the above comments are misunderstood I want to make myself clear; I do believe that Tim is a humble man who is trying to encourage others in the best way that he knows how. He is serving his community.

I did appreciate that Tim connected his story, and other real stories with biblical illustrations. He acknowledges the fact that he is not a theologian, but this did not deter him from discussing a great deal of scripture. While reading there were times where I felt really good about God. Tim wrote a really great piece about God’s love on pages 28-29. Elsewhere he wrote about the enormity of eleven seconds and the many possibilities that can occur during such a brief time. I will not elaborate. You will have to read the book. He wrote about many of the people that he and others have helped through his foundation. He also gave a clear presentation of the gospel.

When I read about Tim serving the community, helping sick children, and preaching to inmates, I couldn’t help but wonder why Tim wants to play football so badly. I cannot relate. In his life Tim has witnessed God’s hand, answers to prayer, and souls saved. He writes about a time where he and his brothers ministered to the inmates facing the death penalty. One particular criminal was ready to commit suicide, but with one last attempt for help he cried out to God. He prayed to God only moments before Tim and his brothers arrived. And when the inmate recognized that they were Christians he fell on his knees weeping; he accepted Christ. It was an amazing story of God’s sovereignty and love. Playing in the NFL has helped Tim to climb to celebrity status. Frankly, he was able to publish a couple of books because he is Tim Tebow. I couldn’t publish a book  with a major publisher, because I am not a celebrity. He has been a good steward of his fame, and you can read all about his stewardship in the book.

I was amazed as I read about the many people that Tim has influenced. He has served his community in so many ways. I know that it has not been easy for him to remain humble and faithful as a celebrity. I respect and admire him.

In exchange for an honest review I received this book from Blogging For Books. I have written an honest review.