About the author: Fran Rogers

About the books: Little Books About The Magnitude of God

I actually met Fran Rogers through my blog, this blog. I have found several of her blog posts very encouraging and after we communicated on several occasions she shared her books with me (which I consider a privilege). Thus far I have read two of her books, First Things That last Forever and Two Full Plates. What I find most delightful about Fran’s writing is her humility and genuine heart. She is not a theologian and she does not have a formal education in Bible or ministry. But after reading her books it is crystal clear to me that her teacher is none other than the Holy Spirit. She is self published so there are some recognizable differences from some of the other books that I have read, and I am okay with that (you can be too). You don’t have to worry about the theological jargon and some of the pomp and piety of popular authors. Just sit back and enjoy Fran’s exposition of the Scriptures, or relate to her as she describes her experiences as a daughter, wife, grandmother, and caretaker.

I was especially impressed as I read about how Fran and her grandchildren studied the Psalms together (one granddaughter 14 years). Most grandparents want to spoil their grandchildren, buy for them, and  take them special places (I’m sure Fran does too.), but how many actually sit down and study the Bible with their grandchildren. I was inspired by Fran’s faithfulness in studying the Word.

If you are still undecided about downloading (First Things That Last Forever is free for the kindle.) or buying Fran’s books let me encourage you with this reality. Fran and Jerry (her husband) donate ninety percent of profits to missions and charity. I want to encourage you to take the opportunity to check out some of Fran’s books. I believe that you will find her attitude of contentment and selflessness refreshing, such characteristics are rare these days. Knowing my own sin of  pride, discontent, and selfishness I have decided that Fran will be a source of encouragement for personal change.

In exchange for an honest review Fran provided me a copy of Two Full Plates. I have given an honest perception of Fran’s character, and shared very little about the book. I have done this on purpose. First, because I will review other books in the future. Secondly, I wanted to introduce you to Fran. I thought that if you had an opportunity to meet her you would be compelled to read her books. Self-published authors face many challenges. They do not have agents, publishers, or a “name.” Despite what’s missing Fran is an ambassador of Christ and I believe she represents him very well (better than agents, publishers, and a name). Now go read!