About the author: Charles Martin

About the book: Long Way Gone

This is the third book written by Charles Martin that I have read and reviewed. I have read and reviewed “The Dead Don’t Dance,” and “Maggie.” The first two I purchased myself. This one I have received for free, well not free exactly because I have to write a review. Which I really don’t mind at all.  For most of my adult life I avoided fiction. I used to laugh about Christian fiction; I thought (think) the term was/is kind of an oxymoron. Several months ago I decided to start reading fiction becuase I read somewhere that fiction helps the reader to empathize with others. I have discovered that reading fiction is quite rewarding. Reading Charles Martin has been very rewarding. Thus far he is my favorite Christian fiction writer. I am not saying that he is the best (I don’t know who the best is, and I’m even less certain if it’s all that important.), but he is currently my favorite. Every other (two) Charles Martin books that I have read have caused me to cry. Long Way Gone is no exception.

Cooper O’Conner was trained in the art of music. His father spared no expense; he wanted Cooper to fully develop his gifts in music. As a young man Cooper spent many hours on stage with his dynamic father. One evening during a tent revival and violent storm Cooper began to understand the gift of music and the effect that it has upon people. It wasn’t long before others noticed Cooper’s musical talent. Cooper’s father knew that his son had the “gift.” He tried to shelter him from sleazy agents. Unfortunately his overprotective nature caused Cooper to feel oppressed.

Cooper reached a point in his life when he decided he could do without his father; so he left. He made the greatest mistake of his life, a mistake that would haunt him. Charles Martin writes a story about mistakes, regret, redemption, and music. Long Way Gone is a love story, a love story between a father and a son, between a man and a woman, and between two musicians.

Not all stories start well and not all end well, but this story is one of redemption and second chances. If you feel like you have lost your way, or you there is someone in your life who has lost their way, I want to encourage you to read this book. Martin has written a fresh new story in the tradition of the prodigal son. When I first realized that this book was about a prodigal I was a little frustrated because I plan to write about a prodigal son (some day). But I have realized that there are many variations of the prodigal son. In this particular story you will even have the opportunity to meet a laid back, blonde haired angel. If nothing else that I have written has persuaded you to read Long Way Gone than maybe you are just a little curious about the blonde haired angel, maybe not. Now go read!

In exchange for an honest review BookLook Bloggers has provided me a copy of Long Way Gone. I have written an honest review.