Since the beginning of my blog I have tried a variety of things (devotionals, book reviews, free verse, and short stories. I suppose it’s no secret that I am trying to develop my writing. I have considered several book ideas, here is one. Since I have no experience I would love some feedback. Could the following paragraphs become a book?

Henry no longer talks. No one knows why he no longer talks. He used to talk all the time. He talked about the woods, his books, games, and all sorts of things. Everyone knows Henry, he had irritated nearly everyone in the town of Pinewood. People use to avoid him as often as they could. Everyone knew that if they stopped to talk with him they would be stuck listening to him for a long time. And no one had the time to listen to Henry.

Even Henry’s parents knew he talked too much. In the morning he talked, through breakfast he talked, and all the way to school Henry talked. He would talk in class, and then he would talk in the principle’s office. The pastor of Pinewood church groaned whenever he saw Henry come through the front doors on Sunday mornings. People often said that Henry would make a good preacher. After thinking it through they would change their minds when they realized that he could probably preach for hours. And no one wants to attend a service where the preacher goes on for hours.

One day, it was a normal day, sort of, Henry stopped talking. No one really knows exactly when Henry stopped, or why. He just stopped talking. At first everyone thought Henry was joking; because everyone that knew him also knew that he loved to talk. Then they thought he was sick. So his parents took him to the doctor, but the results of his examination revealed nothing. Henry was a healthy ten year old boy.

Henry used to get in trouble at school for talking. Now he gets in trouble for not talking. He refuses to respond to his teacher or answer any questions. There was a time, not so long ago, when young boys would receive a rap on the knuckles for disobeying the teacher.  If Henry lived back then he would certainly have hurt knuckles. Since that is not the case he spends much of his time at the principles office or in the corner of his classroom. After school, when he arrives home, he spends much of the afternoon in his room. Night after night he remains silent through dinner. Henry’s parents worry.

Henry croaks like a toad. That is right, you have read correctly; Henry no longer talks because he croaks. Henry doesn’t know why he croaks or when he began to croak. You probably realize that if Henry croaked out loud he would become very embarrassed and many young children would make fun of him. On many occasions Henry has imagined people laughing at him; now you know why Henry no longer talks. Henry doesn’t know about the lonely toad sluggishly hopping around in the forest.  Lonely as Henry, the toad slumbers, embarrassed by the new sound that comes out of his mouth. In some mysterious way Henry and the toad have exchanged a voice for a croak, and a croak for a voice.

What Henry and the toad consider a curse may turn out to be a gift.