About the author: Ella Frances Sanders

About the book: The Illustrated Book of Sayings, Curious Expressions From Around the World

The Illustrated Book of Sayings is a record of different cultural and national expressions. The title best describes the book. Within the book there are fifty-two idiomatic expressions that include a succinct cultural explanation, similar expressions (if there are any), and a illustration depicting the expression. Many nations and cultures are represented in the book; the expressions give insight into the diversity of nations.

I wasn’t really captivated by this book. The expressions are interesting, some expressions more than others. My favorite is “far from the eye, far from the heart,” the Hebrew equivalent of “out of sight, out of mind” (p. 46) I did enjoy the artwork. I shared the book with some teenage girls and they enjoyed it. I watched them smile and laugh as they read the book. My teenage son also enjoyed the book and he intends to use some of the expressions. (He told me.) Perhaps teenagers and young people can appreciate the book more than us older people. I say older, but I am only forty.

In exchange for an honest review Blogging For Books has provided me a copy of The Illustrated Book of Sayings. I have written an honest review.