Originally published on my blog unmaskedtheologian.wordpress.com 11/15/2015

We like to relish in the fact that our God is all powerful, all knowing, and timeless. I do not deny these truths, yet I do not define them in the same way as others. God’s control over everything seems to comfort most people. Ironically, we also complain about most everything. I suppose we want to believe that God is in complete control of every aspect of our lives, but we live otherwise by controlling our own lives and developing our own perception (sometimes unbiblical dogmatic view) of God (Putting Him in a box, I think.).

I testify that God is transcendent, dependent upon nothing (cosmic anomaly), or no one (greater supernatural being). I prefer to boast about God, not because of His power, but rather His willingness to limit His power in order to relate to and redeem His creation. Christmas is approaching, one of the most amazing things about my God is that He became a zygote, embryo, and fetus. We celebrate Christ’s birth without really considering the gravity of such divine humility. God became small enough to fit on my fingertip, let that truth sink in! My God is awesome. Philippians 2.1-8 The attribute that we are to imitate is humility, not power.

We cannot separate Christ’s birth from the Gospel. He came to give LIFE!

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