I normally read the KJV, but I have recently began to look at other versions. The NKJV is translated from the same text (Textus Receptus) as the KJV, only the wording has changed to accommodate modern readers. The NKJV is a formal equivalence, word-for-word translation. In the front of the Bible there is a great introduction, history, and explanation of translation, texts, and manuscripts. This particular study Bible offers a brief summary of each book, instructions on how to study the book, and a brief outline (but not in a formal outline form). Many of the verses include a very brief explanation at the bottom of the pages, rather than in the center of the text. Periodically there are notes and extra insights throughout the Bible. There is even some color, gray and burgundy, I love it. The book does have a dust cover. I am not a fan of dust covers, I intended to remove it. However, I soon learned that the cover of this Bible is more like a fabric than the usual glossy feel. I believe that it may absorb spills. Since that is possible I will need to keep the dustcover on. The pages are a bit thin, but that is normal for Bibles, and especially hardcover Bibles. The thin pages do not bother me. The print in the notes may be hard to read for some, because it is small. The small print does not bother me, yet. The font size used in the Bible portion is larger and probably will not be a problem for most. I will definitely be using this Bible often. I like it very much.

In exchange for an honest review BookLook Bloggers has provided me a copy of the NKJV Know the Word Study Bible. I have written an honest review.