About the book: Touchpoint

About the author: Bob Santos has a background in theology and science (chemistry). It appears that he has written three books, and is currently working on another. He and his wife have founded SfMe Media

Notable Quotes:

“Biblical interpretation is never a matter of human opinion or intellect, but of revelation and illumination from the sovereign King of the Universe.” p. 37

“-the sovereign King of the Universe will never despise a humble heart. A sinful act need not be the end of a person, but stubborn pride will be.” p. 42

“Our real battles in life aren’t against people or circumstances but against the influences that would harden and corrupt our hearts.” p. 51

“The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth, and as a general rule, the things we think we hear Him saying should align with the objective principles of His written Word.” p. 84

“On no level is it accurate to consider Old Testament acts of violence as representative of Christianity. The new covenant gospel of grace-not the old covenant of law-defines our faith.” p.161

“The central idea of discipleship is not to make people dependent on their leaders, but to invest in them so that they can reach their fullest potential.” p. 221

Bob writes (I believe the premise of the book.), “The Bible is our TouchPoint-a powerful connecting point between God and humanity-for a dynamic relationship in which we draw upon His eternal wisdom.” (p. 171) Bob has compiled a resource about the Bible. Within the pages of this book you can read about the history of translations, proper hermeneutics, and devotional insights about the Word of God. This book is hard to describe because it is more than a book about the Bible; it is an informative book (well reseached), the author writes passionately about our need for the Bible, and it is an apologetics book. Santos has written a good introduction to the Bible. TouchPoint includes fourteen chapters, and at the conclusion of each chapter Bob has provided a chapter summary titled “Chapter Wrap-Up.” Until I read this book I had never heard of Bob Santos. I am looking forward to the resources and books that he will provide in the future.

In exchange for an honest review BookCrash has provided me a copy of TouchPoint. I have written an honest review.