About the author: Elyse Fitzpatrick

About the book: Home

Elyse writes about the emptiness and homesickness that she and others feel. The premise of the book is that we will continue to long for home because this world is not our home. True. She writes very enthusiastically, but at times she was a bit overdramatic (for my taste). The information was interesting, but she was a little redundant. The book could have been much shorter. I appreciate her faithfulness and inclusion of much Scripture.

I was a little disappointed by her unwillingness to take a dogmatic position on the “sacraments.” I call them church ordinances. I believe that she probably wrote ambiguously so that she could appeal to a larger audience. I don’t know. I think that  one’s view of the Lord’s table (communion) and baptism is important. I think that our theology may differ a little. I didn’t love the book; it was okay. If you need a recharge, Home would be a very good book for you. Elyse is very passionate and writes with enthusiasm.

In exchange for an honest review, Bethany House Blogger Review program provided me a copy of Home. I have written an honest review.