About the Book: Ember Falls

About the author: Sam Smith  Sam is also the co-founder of Story Warren.

I would like to encourage anyone with children (or not) to purchase and read the Green Ember Series. I am going to list a few good reasons.

  1. Sam is a father of four and he knows what children enjoy.
  2. He is incredibly talented.
  3. Sam currently works a full time job and can only leisurely write. I would love to see Sam write full time so that I can read more excellent stories.
  4. His writing is clean, and child friendly.
  5. The stories include important character lessons: loyalty, family, friendship, compassion, selflessness, and forgiveness. (etc.)
  6. Sam’s stories can be read by people of all ages. Both my 15 and 16 year old sons have read the stories, and they both enjoyed them. So have I (I’m 40).

Green Ember concludes with the heroic and valiant efforts of Pickett when he rescued Prince Smalls from a potentially tragic situation. In the sequel, Ember Falls, Pickett has matured into an experienced and brave warrior. The war continues. Heather is training to be a doctor, meanwhile successfully serving under Emma… who turns out to be? I am not sharing, you will have to read the book. Friendships and loyalty grow as quickly as deception.

Unfortunately, there are some very sad moments in the story. But I suspect that not everything is as it seems. The ending was shocking and equally frustrating, only because I want to know what happens to Heather and the singer (cliffhanger). Really Sam?! As I write this I am smiling because Sam left me wanting more, the habit of a great storyteller. No doubt there will be more stories. Ember Falls concluded with a mystery and a song. I loved the surprise ending, and I cannot wait to read more.

The Green Ember Series will keep readers on the edge of their seat; it is exciting and fast paced. I read the first chapter to my MS Bible students and I encouraged all my students to buy the series for themselves. Before Christmas, when Sam offered the stories for free, I made sure to make my students aware. I do hope that you will read the Green Ember Series. Go read!