About the author: Leslea Wahl

About the book: The Perfect Blindside

Jake and Sophie are two teenagers struggling with different teenage anxieties. Unexpectedly Jake became a snowboarding olympian and teenager celebrity. Jake’s parents moved to the small Colorado town of Silver Springs. They hoped to live a semi-normal life. Sophie decided that Jake is an egotistical jock and regrets that such a person has moved to her quiet town. With each  other’s unintentional help they learn that they have been misjudging others.

After Jake and Sophie set their differences aside they find themselves in the midst of a mystery. Soon Jake’s skills falter and the whole nation observes his snowboarding failures. The tabloids blame Sophie. The Perfect Blindside includes some of the social, familial, and teenage anxieties. I read the book in one sitting; it was an easy read. I enjoyed the mystery, despite the  obvious hints throughout the story. I believe that there may be a sequel.

Sophie prays throughout the book, and there is Scripture scattered throughout. Sophie’s family faithfully attend church. After Jake became a celebrity his family’s lifestyle dramatically altered. They used to attend church, but have stopped because of their busy schedule. Jake’s parents hope that moving to Silver Springs will enable them to return to church.

Reading through the book I quickly realized that the book was written from a Catholic perspective. To be sure, I looked up the publisher. I am sure. I am not Catholic, and I cannot endorse some Catholic theology. My differences in theology does not reduce the quality of the story, or the writing. The story contained positive concepts: friendship, kindness, charity, forgiveness, and justice. I recommend this book to any young person, teenager, or anyone interested in mysteries.

In exchange for an honest review Leslea Wahl provided me a copy of The Perfect Blindside. I have written an honest review.