About the author: Fran Rogers

About the book: The Garden of God’s Word

Purpose: “My desire in writing this second book in the series Little Books About the Magnitude of God is to encourage, and to stir up a new interest among God’s people for His Word. It is my prayer that the Holy Spirit will incite a zeal for God’s Word that we as God’s people so desperately need. It is the written Word that speaks of Jesus Christ, the living Word.  It is the language, the vocabulary and dialect for a select people to whom God gives His Spirit for interpretation.” (Preface)

Notable Quotes:

“The greatest work that God does in our hearts and in our minds happens when we daily meditate and memorize the Scriptures.” P. 8

“We must ask the question, “What good is a Bible if you don’t study it and hide it in your heart?”  P.14

“Only as we study His Word does He reveal what is in our own hearts, and through the same medium bring us to regeneration of faith and repentance of what He reveals of our thoughts and intentions of our heart. Our striving to enter God’s rest is in the power of His Word and Spirit, not our own.” P. 20

“It is through His Word that the Spirit of grace works in the heart of those who stay in His Word, seeking to know, love and please Him.” P.  31

“The human nature is not able to take in or understand divine knowledge and its power of transformation except by degrees; it comes bit-by-bit, precept upon precept.” P. 43

“We first hear and are drawn to what God has spoken to us in His Word.  We then hide it in our hearts, through memorization and meditation.  As it becomes part of us we are continually reminded of what He has spoken by His Spirit within our spirit to heed what has been impressed on our minds and hearts.” P. 49

I have written another blog post explaining my respect for Fran Rogers. I am continually impressed that she diligently writes about the Bible. Fran is living out the later years of her life (She is 77 years old) by investing in people through her writing. And the profits from her sales are donated to charity and missionaries.

I appreciate the way Fran shares her experiences with her readers. She did not learn how to study the Bible overnight, it took several mistakes and a lifetime of learning.

As I began reading The Garden of God’s Word I thought that maybe Fran was writing a Biblical Theology. She could. She started in the garden and transitioned to Israel, but she did not pursue a Biblical Theology. She wrote an encouraging devotional book about the Bible. She shares the purpose of the Bible, how we should approach the Bible, and how the Bible will transform intentional readers. She encourages Biblical meditation. I enjoyed the portion where she elaborated on the metaphors of Scripture: green pastures, springs of water, brooks, and seed.

Fran recognizes and emphasizes the importance of  reading and studying with other believers, within a local church. She shares a simple outline and direction for Bible study: identification, implication, and application. She concludes with encouragement and metaphorical M&M’s. Yes, the candy. I am not elaborating, read the book!

In exchange for an honest review Fran Rogers has provided me a digital copy of The Garden of God’s Word. I have written an honest review.