About the author: Mary Manz Simon

About the book: Where Does Love Hide?

Where Does Love Hide is a hardcover lift-the-flap book. Clearly, the book teaches about love. The title leaves no room for confusion. Within the book there are five scenarios. Each scenario includes the question, “Where Does Love Hide.” Each scenario includes different people and a different location. Each scenario is specific. The lift-the-flap portion of the book answers the question about love. The combination of the scenario, and the explanation beneath the flap, display love in action. The story clearly explains what love is. Love is more than a word, it is an action. Each scenario concludes with a verse.

I am a Bible teacher, but I teach MS and HS. I asked a first grade teacher to read the book to her students so that I could know her and the children’s opinion. She told me that the book would be appropriate for first grade reading, if the children read the book themselves. The flap and the information beneath the flap makes a difference in the book experience. She did suggest, if an adult reads the book, it is more suitable for younger children. She liked the book. When she read the book the students were excited because they did not know what was beneath the flap. She was able to elaborate on the lessons in the book. One student independantly concluded that God spoke more than words. He performed an action; He sent His Son to die on the cross. A wise connection.

In exchange for an honest review the Tyndale Blog Network provided me a copy of Where Does Love Hide? I have written an honest review.