About the author: Michele Phoenix

About the book: Of Stillness and Storm

I decided to read this book because it involved missions. I did read the description, but was unsure what to expect. I really did not care for the book. Perhaps it was not intended for me. However, the book did make me think about some things. It was written well. Michele is talented.

Sam, Lauren, and their son Ryan, are missionaries to the people of Nepal. In reality Sam is the only missionary. He leaves his family for three weeks at a time to travel further into the unreached areas of Nepal. Despite early adversity (from every angle) and Lauren’s hesitancy, Sam determines that it’s God’s will for the family to minister in Nepal.  Slowly, the family unravels.  Sam didn’t notice. He was controlled by his delusional drive to continue. No matter what. The book was hard to read, I felt like smacking Sam upside the head. Sam is a dictatorial manipulator who seems to care more for the people of Nepal than his own family. His mission work became his God. Good intentions gone awry. The book concluded with numerous tragedies.

Of Stillness and Storm is a fictional story, a real possibility.

In exchange for an honest review, BookLook Bloggers provided me a copy of this book. I have written an honest review.