About the author: John Maxwell

About the book: Good Leaders ask Great Questions


“Questions connect people.” P. 7

“Questions are the first link in the chain of discovery and innovation.” P. 15

“Never forget: good questions inform; great questions transform.” P. 25

“While personal maturity may mean being able to see beyond yourself, leadership maturity means considering others before yourself.”  P. 26

“If you are a leader, your goal is to lift up your people, not have them lift you up.” P. 34

“Successful people are often put on pedestals by people. To stay real and grounded, leaders need to get off that pedestal and stay with people.” P. 35

“Each day is an unrepeatable miracle. Today will never happen again, so we must make it count.” P. 45

“One of the greatest gifts I can give a person is the gift of attention.” P. 53

“My daily goal is to add value to people.” P. 67

There are many more quotes, but I think there are enough for you to read. John introduces the book explaining the importance of questions. He shares several lists of questions:

  • Life-changing
  • Questions I asked that change my life
  • What questions do I ask myself as a leader
  • What questions do I ask my team members

After discussing his own questions John answered questions from others. John’s social media manager scanned questions from twitter, Facebook, and his blog. John and his team selected questions that would be most helpful to leaders, and John answered them. I enjoyed much of the book. You will notice that most of the quotes I shared are from the beginning pages. By the end of the book I became very tired of reading.

This is the first book of Maxwell’s that I have ever read. The book was helpful. I did notice that he kept referring to other books that he had written. I began to wonder, how many leadership books are necessary? I looked it up. He has written over seventy books. What he considers an accomplishment, sort of discourages me. How many books need to be written? I would love to read one comprehensive book about leadership. If I knew him, I would probably ask what book he recommends. I am a bit skeptical. For what it is worth, I did enjoy the book. It will make you think… about questions.

In exchange for an honest review, Hachette Book Group provided me a copy of this book. I have written an honest review.