About the book: Made for a Purpose

About the author:


Made for a Purpose is a short book about animals. Kristie explains the uniqueness of each animal and how a unique characteristic has been made for a purpose. As you can see in the image above, she coordinates the words with an illustration. The illustrations are excellent. Kristie writes the story and creates the illustrations. She is incredibly talented.

I asked a friend of mine to read the book to her first grade students. She  really enjoyed the book. She told me that Kristie’s method of combining words with the pictures is clever (To fully understand look at the sample page posted above.). The book is brief, but it does not take away from the message. It works perfectly. The book concludes with an illustration of all the animal characters among children. On the very last page children can learn about their purpose.

I asked the first grade class to rate the book. I told them, on a scale of one to five, one being the lowest and five being the best, how would you rate the book? Seventeen out of eighteen students rated the book a five, and one student rated the book a four.

In exchange for an honest review, BookCrash has provided me a copy of Made for a Purpose