About the author: Margaret Welwood

About the book:  Little Bunny’s Own Storybook and Marie and Mr. Bee


Little Bunny’s Own Storybook is a short story about a bunny who loves to read. The library is little bunny’s favorite place and he goes there every day. One day the library was closed. At first little bunny does not know what to do. By the end of the story little bunny has written and shared his own story.

Excellent illustrations. The pictures are beautiful. The story is great. I appreciate the fact that some of the books little bunny reads include community role models. Much of the story is written in rhyme. At the conclusion little bunny cannot go to the library, so he writes his own story. I love this concept. I always encourage my students to read and write. The best writers are always the readers. There’s a connection between reading and writing. So, I appreciate when little bunny takes the next step and writes his own story. This short story encourages children to read, but also to express their own creativity in the form of writing. Of course, if you read this story to your children you can emphasize this point.


Marie and Mr. Bee is a short story about Marie and her forest friends. Each character in the story has a job to do. And after their work is done they love to play together. Unfortunately, Mr. Bee thinks that he does not have to work and he influences Marie in a negative way. Marie realizes that neglecting her work is not a good idea, and Mr. Bee (with a little help from his fellow working bees) learns the importance of working.

The illustrations are good. The story is character building. There are two story options. One book with verses (John 13.34 and Proverbs 12:14), and one without verses. Marie and Mr. Bee is a great resource to encourage children to complete their chores. Within the story there are clear consequences for laziness and satisfaction for completed work. Both Marie and Mr. Bee have the opportunity to learn this lesson. After their experiece they become great friends. As you can see Marie is disabled. Her disability does not deter her from working and playing with her forest friends. I believe that this book may encourage disabled children. I cannot know this for sure, but I believe so. There are few books written that include disabled characters.

In exchange for an honest review, Margaret Welwood provided me pdf copies of her books. I have written an honest review.