Please take this opportunity to share a blog other than your own. Perhaps you have a favorite blog, or a blog you follow that you would like to recommend to others. In the  comment section share a blog (Not your own.) that you think may inspire others.

Here is my recommendation,

Disclaimer: I may not endorse every blog that is shared, and I may not agree with all of the opinions on some of the blogs. I do encourage others to step outside of their box and learn how to analyze other ideas and thoughts. I approach all of my reading with the presupposition that the Bible is the inspired, inerrant Word of God, and since this is true it should dictate our thoughts and influence every aspect of our life. I encourage everyone to learn how to compare what they read with the Word of God (as the standard and absolute authority), and allow the Spirit of God to teach you. I refuse to argue or debate, but I must make myself and my motives clear.

Thank you,

Mark T. Evans