If the Son therefore shall make you free, ye shall be free indeed. John 8:36

I have been reading through several books on biblical counseling. I have been reminded of the destructive nature of sin and its continual effect on our lives. The remedy, God’s Word. It is easy for us to overlook our sin, but we neglect to realize, that when we don’t deal with our sin it multiplies and the consequences of our sin intensifies. Jesus overcame sin, and surely He freed us from the bondage of sin, but we must face the consequences of our sin. I remind my students all of the time. The consequences of the sin that they indulge in as teenagers will follow them the rest of their lives, and probably affect the lives of their loved ones. I know. So do you, probably. God provides grace.

We can be grateful for the freedom that we experience in Christ. Praise God! With that freedom we must live in the reality that sin no longer has control over our lives. We must be persuaded. We live in the Spirit. We serve a new Master. In saying that, we must not let the lingering consequences of previous sin control us. Stay in the Word!