Make me to go in the path of thy commandments; for therein do I delight. Psalm 119:35

David recognizes the value of God’s commandments, but he knows that he is not naturally drawn to them. He asks God to lead him and make him be directed by the commandments. Whenever we desire the Word of God it is not our own. God supernaturally uses His Spirit to draw us to the Bible. If you are like me, you have experienced spontaneous desires (strong desires) for the word. There have been times when I was sitting on the sofa and I was led by the Spirit, but I was to lazy to get off the sofa and retrieve my Bible off the bookshelf. Not good. Perhaps you can relate. Whenever we desire God’s Word we should never neglect the calling and drawing of the Spirit, we are missing out on his teaching, and our delight.

Despite David’s need for supernatural compelling he did recognize that he delighted in God’s Word. You would think that pleasure and delight would be enough to drive us to the Scriptures. It’s not. The Holy Spirit leads us and plants the seed of desire in our hearts. Why is this Psalm important for us? If David, a man after God’s own heart, the writer of Psalm 119 needed God to lead him to the commandments, it is safe to assume that we need the same leading and direction from God’s Spirit. Listen. Ask. Listen.

Holy Spirit make us go in the path of your word.