Excellent! I love this book

About the Book: A Patch on the Peak of Ararat

About the Author: Gary Bower

About the Illustrator: Barbara Chotiner

A Patch on the Peak of Ararat is part of the series, a Faith that God built book. The book is hardcover and the illustration of the cover is beautiful. I really enjoyed the art. I am not sure how to describe it, but I loved it. The writer provides an interesting twist on the biblical story of Noah’s Ark. The story rhymes and it creates an enthusiastic experience for little ones, and older ones, if you enjoy reading children’s books.

I have a friend who teaches first grade. I always ask her to read the book to her students so I can know and share with you what the children think. I asked the students if they would rate the book one out of five, one being the lowest and five the highest. Eighteen out of nineteen children rated the book five out of five. The book was returned to me with a sticky note that said, “We enjoyed it thanks!” The note included a smiley face. My friend told me that when she was reading the book to her class another class was outside her room in the hallway. The other class was straining to hear the story and the rhyme. When she was telling me this, one of the students was nearby and overheard. She walked over to me just to let me know that she was listening in the hallway. She (second grade student) enjoyed what she heard. Very exciting!

In exchange for an honest review Tyndale Blog Network provided me a copy of Patch on the Peak of Ararat. I have written an honest review.