About the author: Rifqa Bary

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About the book: Hiding in the Light

Please recognize that I am not writing this review to promote anti-Islamic rhetoric or incite hatred toward Islam or Muslims. On the contrary, I want Muslims to experience the forgiveness and freedom only found through Christ. I enjoy reading conversion books because I love to read about the love and grace of God. As I read these testimonies I witness His faithfulness to the world. Jesus lived, loved, died, and rose again for all, including Muslims. Many Muslims are converting to Christianity; they need our prayers.

I don’t know how I managed to live in ignorance of this story, apparently there was plenty of media coverage. In her book, Rifqa shares her life story. As a young girl she lived in torment; she even contemplated ending her life. Immediately after 9/11 her friend Emma invited her to a prayer meeting. It was the first time she witnessed Christians praying to God. Eventually she visited church, converted, and for four years kept her faith a secret. Finally, her family and mosque found out about her conversion. In fear for her life she fled. After many years of legal battles and foster homes she was delivered from the system. She is now free and she shares her story in this autobiography.