About the Book and Authors: Jesus Among Secular Gods by Ravi Zacharias and Vince Vitale

After the success of Jesus among other Gods Ravi Zacharias decided to write this book. Rather than other religions and deities the book includes secular topics: Atheism, Scientism, Pluralism, Humanism, Relativism, and Hedonism. The writers consider questions raised by the previous attitudes and respond to them. I haven’t read much material from RZIM. But after reading this book and watching a few episodes on YouTube I am persuaded of Ravi’s genuine concern for people. Much of the material produced from RZIM can be rather scholarly. However, I recognized a clear attitude of kindness and compassion when Ravi speaks to others, his communication reflects a pastoral heart. When he discusses the personalities and leaders from the representative schools of thought he is never arrogant, insulting, hostile, or aggressive. He is very respectful.

A few interesting things I want to point out about the book. In this review I am going to share some content, but I am going to raise a question based on the material. I have never done this before in a book review, but these are a few things that made me think. They are not posed as a question in the book, but the material is discussed. Can “atheist writers make an impact and shape terrible realities?” (P. 53) Is there a multiverse? (P. 83) “Gautama Buddha left to pursue his life of detachment from anything or anyone that could cause him suffering. Contrast this with Jesus Christ, who did everything He possibly could to attach Himself to our suffering in His pursuit of relationship with us.” (P. 102) Is the last quote important for us to think about? Are humans responsible for defining our own law of morality? (P. 158) Is Christianity a belief grounded in freedom? (P. 162) “Jesus didn’t go looking for His own pleasure but went looking for other people’s hurt. He went looking for trouble because it was in the place of trouble that God had work to do; it was in the place of trouble that healing needed to take place.” (P. 189) Is the last quote important for us to think about? Is truth power? (P. 211)

I realize that this review is written a little differently than my other reviews, but I am trying to do something different. I really liked this book, and after reading it I have picked up a few others written by Ravi Zacharias. I shared a few important points that caused me to think, perhaps they will make you think and ultimately create a desire for you to pick up a copy of your own book.

In exchange for an honest review Hachette Book Group has provided me a copy of Jesus Among Secular Gods. I have written an honest review.