About the book: When God Made You

About the author: Matthew Paul Turner

If you have read my other reviews you know that I ask always ask a first grade teacher to read the book to her students. Thus far I have received positive comments. However, with this book the teacher felt that the book was to “you centered, its all about you.” She said that even her students recognized the “you centered” focus of the book. She didn’t even want to add the book to her library. I supposed at first that she may have over reacted a little, but after reading the book I must agree. I am writing an honest review. I suspect that there may be readers who will criticize me for my opinion, and believe that I am taking things to seriously.

The book is a sturdy hard cover. The illustrations are interesting. I’m not sure how to describe them. I liked all of the colors. I didn’t care for most of the human illustrations (exaggerated freakish features), but the animals were done very well. The book does rhyme.

I believe that the author intended to celebrate the reality that we are created in God’s image and the we are loved by Him. However, after reading it, I feel that the book went beyond the truth that we are unique, original, and loved by God. Our culture insists that we must be ourselves and believe in our self, and it promotes self-value and esteem. I believe the Bible promotes God-centeredness, humility, Christ and others esteem. We are actually taught to esteem others better that ourselves (Philippians 2.3). Certainly we are valuable to God, I would never suggest otherwise. But this reality should not develop a faulty and ungodly perception of ourselves, or God. God want us to use our talents for Him, develop our gifts, and celebrate our uniqueness, but He wants us to change; He expects us to become more like Christ. These truths could have been included in the book.

Children take things literally. Since this is true, there are a few things in the book that I must comment on. I’m going to share some quotes that I think can lead to wrong perceptions about God and ourselves (Remember, children take things literally.).

“You, you, when God sees you, God delights in what is and sees only what’s true. That you-yes, you, YOU-in all of your glory, bring color and rhythm and rhyme to God’s story.”

Reality- God sees the secret places of our hearts, which includes the secret sin that we try to hide from every one else. When we speak of glory, we should speak of God, not ourselves.

“Have faith but love more”

No need for explanation.

“You, you, when God dreams about you, God dreams about all that in you will be true,… You being you is God’s dream coming true.”

This is just not true. God doesn’t dream. Nor is it true that “you being you” is God’s dream come true. God’s will is for everyone to repent of who they are and become more like Jesus. 

“Cause when God made you, all of heaven was beaming.”

“Over YOU, God was smiling and already dreaming.”

This is just not true, all of heaven was not beaming over you. Again with the dreams, God doesn’t dream. (Remember, children take things literally.)

In exchange for an honest review, Blogging for Books provided me a copy of When God Made You. I have written an honest review.