About the book: Do All Lives Matter?

About the authors: Wayne Gordon & John M. Perkins 

I teach in a multi-ethnic school. Last year while preparing a Bible message on Racism I asked my students to pray for me and for themselves as we prepared to learn about such an important and relevant topic. I was broken-hearted when one of my students told me that a coach refused to have her play on his team. His comment was derogatory and I won’t repeat it.

I am a white male (40 years old), lower/middle class, and I have been blessed and privileged  to know some amazing, kind hearted, transparent, and patient (of my ignorance) black men. After befriending and speaking with these men I was made aware of the reality that racism and discrimination continues to exist today. Initially my response was, “its gotten better hasn’t it, things aren’t as bad as they used to be?” A statement which I am embarrassed of, and regretted almost immediately. Racism is more than a problem, it is SIN. I was pleased to have the opportunity to read and review this book.

Do All Lives Matter? has been written to voice the need for communication and unity. Communication is the key. There is so much talking, and little listening. Every time someone takes a stand for something, there is a counter stand, and very few listen. This excellent resource has been co-written by a white pastor and a black Christian leader, both men have legitimate concerns. Both men are respected leaders within their communities and church. I love that both men have an opportunity to write; they don’t talk over each other. They take turns talking, and they take turns listening.

In recent years there have been several shootings. As a result, the Black Lives Matter movement began. In response to the movement another started, “All Lives Matter.” I love the quote, “all lives can’t matter till black lives matter.”

Do All Lives Matter is a succinct read (92 pages), but it is packed with important information. This is an important book. Everyone needs to read it. We live in a technological age, everyone has the opportunity to freely comment on social networking sites. I have read some very nasty comments. Despite all of the fresh new ways to communicate I think we still don’t know how to communicate. Read this book and see how you can help to resolve the sin of racism. Educate yourself and make sure that you don’t contribute to the problem. Join me as I make an effort, in cooperation with God’s spirit, to demonstrate grace and love to everyone, regardless of color, ethnicity, and religion.


  1. A Movement is Born
  2. Listening to Others’ Stories and Sharing Our Own
  3. Owning Up: A Candid Overview of US History
  4. Invisible People
  5. Building on Common Ground
  6. Black Lives Matter: A Christian Response
  7. From Tears to Action
  8. Let us Sow Love
  9. Holding our Hope.

Important Quotes:

“We have to own up to the fact that African Americans and other ethnic minorities in our country are mistreated far more often than most of us care to admit. Along with this, we must acknowledge that not all the problems minority groups face are the result of white racism and that some have been too quick to cite racism as the sole cause of their struggles, thus avoiding or downplaying the role of personal responsibility. Where does all of this take us? It gets us on the journey of treating all people like their lives matter. It takes us to a place in which we all have a lot to learn. A place that demands we listen more carefully to the experiences, perspectives, and feelings of others. A place we need to approach with humility and an openness to change.” (P. 22)

“The neglected soul does not have to lead to violence but it must have expression.” (P. 33)

“We must have enough love to reach out and feel the pain of others, bear it in ourselves, and look to Christ for resolution. As the called-out-ones-the body of Christ, the church-we should be the model for that.” (P.33)

In exchange for an honest review Baker Book Bloggers has provided me with a copy of this book. I have written an honest review.