About the book: Same Kind of Different as Me

About the authors: Ron Hall & Denver Moore

The Same Kind of Different As Me (for kids) is a brief autobiography of Ron Hall and Denver Moore. It is the story of a wealthy man (Ron Hall) who befriends a homeless man (Denver Moore). The story reveals the extraordinary changes that can occur when people become considerate of others. The book is hardcover with a dustcover. The layout and illustrations are beautiful. Th pictures are simplistic, but the design (worn and aged) on the pages add aesthetic appeal.  Visually, the book is fantastic. And the story is great.

I  recommend that parents read this book with their children; there are a few things that parental explanation can improve upon. For example, Denver realizes that he is not a bad man, but a good man. He was not bad because he was living on the streets and because he smelled, but he had certainly done bad things (We all do bad things, sin.). And such things, sinful things, require repentance and redemption. Secondly, the conclusion of the book testifies that Denver was able to change his life. This is the point where we focus on God and His glory by teaching our children that God changed Denver’s life. Denver couldn’t change on his own. God can change our lives, and our children. Those are the only two things that I think need better explanation. Unless of course you want to discuss what it means to be homeless, the book obviously provides that opportunity.

As you know I always ask a first grade teacher to read the book to her students. She did. She told me that the book was not written on a first grade level. I agree. But she did say that the book broadened the students understanding of the world. So I gave it to a third grade teacher to read to her students. She told me, “reading it made her want to read the original book.” She felt that is was a good book for third graders and certainly age appropriate. I asked the students what they thought; they rated the book five stars. I asked them what they liked most about the book. They all agreed that their favorite part was when Ron helped Denver. Perhaps they were encouraged to help others, or at least think about the possibility of helping others.

In exchange for an honest review I received a free copy of this book from BookLook Bloggers I have written an honest review.