About the author: Deron Spoo

About the book: The Good Book

The Good Book contains forty chapters: each chapter includes a passage of Scripture, brief exposition of the respective passage, and illustration for practical understanding. I think that breaking the Bible down and teaching an overview of the Bible is a great idea. At first I thought that Deron was writing a succinct biblical (practical) theology, but when he discussed a few Psalms and Proverbs, I was a little surprised. The Psalms seemed out of place, but he included the chapters after consideration of his experiences with others in addition to his own personal study (If I understand correctly.). I appreciate that he recognized that Psalm 23 is a Psalm about life, not death. I make the exact same point when I preach on Psalm 23. It is always nice to read other expositions that are similar to your own. It affirms proper understanding of a text.

The book is filled with application and stories. There are probably more illustrations than exegesis of the text, but that is okay. Of course, that is dependent on Deron’s target audience. The reading was a bit of review for me. I am an avid reader, and since this is true I gained more from the illustrations than the exposition. I love to do my own exposition and Bible study. I believe the purpose of the book is to help readers better understand the scope of the Scriptures. Deron had to make this fit into one book, so he chose forty passages. The forty chapters start in the first book of the Bible and conclude with the last.

I recommend the book to anyone interested in learning more about the general scope of the Bible. If you are a serious student of the Bible I would recommend a good one volume commentary. It really depends where you are in you spiritual journey and biblical understanding. The Good Book is practical and it is a great resource for those who have had little exposure to the Bible. It is a good resource to start with. As I wrote before, if you have already been involved in personal Bible study, get a commentary.

I love the illustrations, Deron has provided many illustrations (so many illustrations) that help the reader to better understand the truth and practicality of the Bible. He is probably an excellent preacher (I have not heard him, but I plan to listen to some sermons); providing personal application of the Scriptures for the readers and listeners can be difficult for some preachers and writers, it is for me. Deron is an excellent writer. Go read!

In exchange for an honest review Litfuse publicity group provided me an advanced reading copy of The Good Book. I have written an honest review.