The Runaway is a story about a young lady named Rhiannon Morgan. Rhiannon felt like an outcast; she felt used, misunderstood, and unloved. As a result she decided to run away and test her ability to live on her own in the local forest. She fared pretty well (a bit unrealistic). None of the teenage girls that I know would do so well. Her decision to flee the local village was selfish, inconsiderate, and immature. However, it appears that by the end of the story her decision to run into the woods helped her to grow as a person and mature as a young adult. I’m not sure I appreciate that fact, because it was wrong for her to run away and she experiences little (if any) personal consequence (correction) for her selfish decision.

During Rhiannon’s stay in the forest, the village is bubbling with other problems that involve many of the town people. The village has a bad history. Some secrets are revealed, fears relieved, and guilt dealt with. A major character of the story, a storyteller, intends to reconcile the people of the village in order to avoid repeating the same mistakes of the past. The conclusion of the book confused me. One character goes mad, and I never really understood why (possibly alcohol?). Nor was there any real closure about the character, his future was left unresolved and unfinished. Otherwise the characters were interesting and kept me engaged, and there was closure for all the others.

I don’t read much fiction. I am not sure if that reality affects my appreciation for this book, maybe. But Runaway falls very short of a personal favorite. Go read!

In exchange for an honest review Kregel Publications provided me a copy of Runaway for a blog tour. I have written an honest review.